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Scottish Fold
Scottish Fold Breeder
Breeder of Scottish Folds

King and Queens

Lukor-Fold Valor of Wonderfold

valor july 4th_edited.jpg


valor 4_edited.jpg

Luxor-Fold Valor hails all the way from Moscow Russia.  We were looking for a new stud to continue to increase the quality of our Scottish kittens and we have found it in Valor.  Valor is everything I could ask for in a stud and a pet cat.  Valor has great conformation, his legs are long and straight his back is straight and not roached, and his tail is long and very flexible.  He is very nice type, round and cheeky head, tight ears that fit into his round head, with a sweet open expression.  He is very affectionate, as well as outgoing, he enjoys cuddles and pets from everyone. Valor has done well showing and has earned his RW and GRC title.  Valor has recently started hiking with us and enjoys the view from our shoulders or his back pack.  Valor has produced many beautiful kittens with exceptional temperaments.  Anyone would be lucky to have one of his kittens for their own.

Wonderfold Friend Indeed



Scottish Straight


Wonderfold Friend Indeed - Atlas, Scottish Straight, Black Silver Classic Tabby, is our youngest up and coming Queen.  Atlas is a second generation Wonderfold daughter.  Her mother is our very own RW BW CH Wonderfold A Girls Bestfriend "Jade"  Atlas is a wonderful girl, a beautiful representation of her breed and has an affectionate playful demeanor. She LOVES kittens and has been a great babysitter.   Atlas is a sweet, gentle, quiet, undemanding girl.  Atlas greets me every morning as I am waking to get cuddles before I get out of bed.  It's a wonderful way to wake up everyday.  

Absolu Archimedes of Wonderfold

Scottish Shorthair


Scottish Straight

Scottish Shorthair kitten

Absolu Archimedes of Wonderfold - Archie Shorthaired black (brown) mackerel tabby and white.  Archie is super outgoing, he is always eager to meet new people. He loves to go to the pet store and to walk outside on a leash. Archie is sweet and loves to give head bumps. He is energetic and plays hard. You can find Archie's kittens on our previous litter page.

RW Wonderfold Marigold Blossom


"Blossom"  Retired

Scottish Fold


Blossom is a first generation Wonderfold girl.  Her mother is Shovalon Finders Keepers of Wonderfold.  Blossom is very sweet and loves to cuddle.  Blossom is one of the best moth hunters here at the cattery.  Blossom like her mother and her siblings has a lot to say and doesn't hold her tongue.  Blossom has had a great start to her show career and we hope to continue when cat shows resume.  Blossom was spayed after a difficult pregnancy and lack of interest in caring for her kitten.  Blossom will stay here with us at the cattery.

Shovalon Finders Keepers of Wonderfold

scottish straight silver calico breeder

"Tillie" retired

Scottish Straight


Tillie is a doll, she is a shorthaired Black Silver Torbie and White.  She is a very affectionate girl and loves to talk.  Tillie is playful and enjoys the company of all of the members of our family, human and animal alike.  Tillie gave us two lovely litters of kittens.  While we loved having Tillie's kittens we knew it best to spay her and let her spend her life as a spoiled pet.  Tillie is currently up for adoption along with her daughter Sprout.

RW GCH Rumin Grace Kelly Mio Mio

Scottish Fold Kitten



Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold Kitten

RW GCH Rumin Grace Kelly Mio Mio - Gemma Long haired, black silver spotted torbie and white. Gemma is our sweet little princess, quiet and reserved. She is very affectionate, and happy to take up residency next to you on the couch. She is an excellent mother to her kittens, rarely leaving them in their infancy, to pouncing and playing with them as they grow.  You can find her kittens on our previous litters page.  Gemma has been retired and now living the life of luxury as an only cat and is being spoiled rotten.

Anixtar Ecstacy of Wonderfold

scottish fold kitten



Scottish Straight kitten

RW DGC Anixtar Ecstacy of Wonderfold - Emily Longhaired black (brown) classic tabby and white. Emily is a super silly girl, whether she is running crazily after toys or lying in an awkward position, she is always making us laugh. Emily received the Best Scottish Fold Longhair Kitten award in the TICA Great Lakes Region for the 2016-2017 show season. You can find Emily's kittens on our previous litters page.   Emily has been retired and is spending her days relaxing and soaking up the attention.

RW BW CH Wonderfold A Girls Bestfriend

Scottish Straight

Scottish Straight
Scottish Straight Breeder

RW BW CH Wonderfold A Girls Bestfriend, Scottish Straight Jade is a short haired black classic tabby and white. She is the daughter of our foundation cat RW GRC Rumin Grace Kelly Mio Mio (Gemma) and GRC Maxelpoint Tomas of Emmers.  Jade has had a great start to her show career, earning an international breed win as a kitten, TICA'S #1 Scottish Straight Kitten of the year, and a Great Lakes regional win #13 Kitten of the Year.   Jade had her first litter of kittens 01/13/2020  you can find them on our past litters page.

Scottish Fold

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