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Scottish Fold
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Scottish Cattery

Visiting A Scottish Cattery In Your Area

If you enjoy the appearance of Scottish Fold or Straight cats, you may have considered going to a professional Scottish Cattery in your area to obtain a kitten for yourself. Wonderfold is a cattery in Muskegon, Michigan which is family-operated. This business breeds Scottish cats for those who want to obtain a show cat or one as a pet. Their cats are in optimal health, and they take precautions to ensure any litters of kittens are also free of medical concerns. They also allow their cats to be tested to help find answers to medical difficulties often found within the Scottish breed as well as other purebred and random bred cats. If you are interested in purchasing a Scottish cat of your own, take a look at Wonderfold's website to see pictures of the cats they use for breeding purposes. Fill out the information via the forms on the Scottish Cattery website to start the process of being placed on a waiting list for a kitten as well.

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