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Scottish Fold
Scottish Fold Breeder
Breeder of Scottish Folds

Scottish Fold

Finding A Scottish Fold To Adopt

If you have always liked the appearance of the Scottish Fold cat, and you are thinking about obtaining one for yourself, finding a professional breeder is an option to keep in mind when adopting this beautiful feline. Wonderfold is a professional breeding service that focuses on the Scottish Fold and Straight breed. Their cattery is located in Muskegon, Michigan and has provided serious buyers with their dream cats.  Due to the controversy in breeding this type of cat, Wonderfold has dedicated time and money to have their cats' DNA tested and are screened yearly for heart defects as well as skeletal deformaties known to the Scottish Fold breed. Their cats are tended to with the utmost care, ensuring they are healthy; they are commited to providing pontental owners the pleasure of owning one of these prestigious animals. Take a look at Wonderfold's website to view pictures of their breeder cats and to fill out the requested information if you are interested in purchasing a Scottish Fold or Scottish Straight cat in the future.

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