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Scottish Fold
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Scottish Shorthair

Visiting A Cattery To Adopt A Scottish Shorthair Cat

If you are in the market for a Scottish Shorthair, finding one to purchase sometimes requires a trip to a cattery.  However if you live out of the area, Wonderfold will help match you to your perfect Scottish Kitten and they will deliver your kitten to you for a fee if you cannot not make it to the cattery yourself.  Wonderfold in Muskegon, Michigan is a family-operated business that breeds cats from various Scottish Shorthair felines in their possession. Pictures of the female and male cats are available on their website so you can view their characteristics. There is also information provided alerting you as to when specific cats are going to be bred so you know when to expect a litter of kittens that will be available to purchase. Our cats are cared for with the utmost concern for their health and well-being, ensuring your cat will be ready for your lifesyle. Take a look at Wonderfold's website to find out more about the Scottish Shorthair breed and the processes used to protect our felines. Fill out the requested information if you are interested in learning more about obtaining one of these cats for yourself.

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