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Scottish Straight

Obtaining A Pedigree Scottish Straight Cat

The Scottish Straight cat is one that has distinct characteristics that make it stand out from other felines. Scottish breeds will either have straight or folded ears. The ears on these cats do not start to fold until a month after birth. Many people are starting to place Scottish Straight felines in cat shows.  Historically the Scottish Folds have been the only breed permitted to show.   If you are interested in having a show cat of your own, doing your homework and researching the breed is a must.   Wonderfold is located in Muskegon, Michigan and is a family operated business. They have several breeder cats to select from so you know the history of any kittens born before you make a purchase. Each cat is cared for by Wonderfold with optimal health in mind. When you adopt a Scottish Straight cat, the business will provide you with recommendations regarding its care so it maintains a show cat stature. Take a look at the website for more information.

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