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Scottish Fold
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Breeder of Scottish Folds

Show Cats

Waiting For A Litter Of Possible Show Cats

If you enjoy cats, and you have thought about obtaining a pedigree feline to use for showing purposes, you may have thought about contacting a breeder. Show Cats are usually bred from successful show cats, making it necessary to find a cattery that supplies cats in the best of health. Wonderfold is a cattery located in Muskegon, Michigan that breeds Scottish Fold and Straight breeds. They have several Show Cats that are used for breeding, each of which has photographs on the company's website. When there is a couple of cats that are going to be bred, they place a post on their site to alert the public that there will be a litter of kittens available shortly. Fill out the requested information on the site indicating your interest in obtaining a kitten and the business will reach out to you to help you with the process. The breeding process is done with the cats' health in mind. If you have any questions, use the contact information on the site and Wonderfold will get back to you to let you know about the processes necessary to adopt a kitten.

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