About Us

Wonderfold Cattery is a family endeavor, with my wife, Christina Lang, sharing her past experience as a vet tech and bringing her understanding of biology and health as a doctor of internal medicine and pediatrics, our 15 year old son, Alden, sharing his enthusiasm and dedication to caring for and showing our pets, and myself, Kara, taking responsibility for the day to day operations of the cattery along with my part time work as a groomer. With our shared love of animal companions, we got involved with rescuing cats many years ago. We have in the past fostered orphaned kittens with a focus on those needing early care. The commitment required in raising bottle fed kittens is labor intensive, but is a labor born of love - out of the 9 litters we've raised together, we never lost a single kitten. Throughout our relationships with animals in need of rescue, the dream of becoming a responsible breeder of purebred cats and working to positively impact that breed has grown, and we have always loved the Scottish fold breed for its disposition and downright cuteness.  In addition to our cats we also have two miniature pigs and one good ole dog.

     Being enchanted by the Scottish Folds' sweet looks and demeanor, we decided that this was the cat for us and begin studying the breed and learning what traits are desired to meet the judging standard for pedigreed cats.  Along the way, we learned of some of the challenges to maintaining their unique physical and personality traits while avoiding the heartbreak of some of the health issues associated with Folds and other selectively bred cats.

Wonderfold Cattery - Muskegon, MI