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Birthday 03-17-21


Black Silver Mackerel Torbie and White

Longhair Scottish Fold 

Clementine was born cesarean and her mother did not bond with her, subsequently Clementine was bottle raised.  Clementine is a spunky kitten with lots of purrsonality.  She is going to need someone with lots of energy and time to devote to her.  She would love a young cat or another kitten to have at home with her.  Clementine is very affectionate loves to be petted and snuggled, but during her spunky moments it would not be unlike her to jump up and wrap herself around your leg or nibble on your ear or nose.  Only the best families should apply as we will be very picky on her placement.  Clementine will be available to go to her new home at around 4 months old after her kitten vaccines and spay procedure is completed.  Clementine at this point is a show quality kitten and we would love to mentor someone in the way of  cat shows.  Her coat will require daily maintenance.  Please see information page before inquiring. 

Tillie and Sprout

Tillie and Sprout are mother daughter and are available only as a pair.   These girls enjoy each others company; they frequently play, and eat side by side  Keeping these girls together will help their transition to a new home and provide comfort and company to each other.  These girls are available to a home that does not have any other cats.   Tillie and Spout are $1500 to adopt.  They will be up-to-date on all recommended vaccinations, parasite control, spayed and have a had a recent veterinary exam. 



Birthday 04-14-2018


Black Silver Mackerel Torbie and White

Shorthair Scottish Straight

Tillie is a very sweet girl who loves attention.  She rarely lies down but frequently sits and kneads my lap or belly.  She loves to be petted and scratched and will frequently ask for attention by meowing or placing her two front feet on your leg.  Tillie is a vocal cat she asks to be let in and out of rooms and meows when it is dinner time.  Tillie is hesitant with strangers and usually takes time to warm up to people.  She will relax around people who visit regularly but hide if she is unfamiliar. Tillie is well behaved and is used to having her nails trimmed.  Her coat is low maintenance that only requires brushing to keep up with shedding.  Tillie has had two litters of kittens and had healthy pregnancies' and deliveries.  

DSC_0081 (3).JPG


Birthday 06-29-19


Red Silver

Short hair Scottish Fold 

Sprout is a darling girl that wants all the attention.  She loves to cuddle up on my lap and will pet herself by rubbing her body against my hand if I ignore her.  Sprout is playful and has bouts of energy running and playing through the house.   Sprout is very vocal like her mother and will ask for what she wants.  Sprout is also shy around strangers but will get used to frequent visitors.  Sprout's placement fell through and the perfect situation has not arisen for her as we hated taking her away from her family.  Her coat is low maintenance that only requires brushing to keep up with shedding.   Sprout is a little harder to trim her nails but I can do it by myself.  I can show you how to trim nails properly.