At Wonderfold we love to show our cats!

     At a cat show each judge, judges each cat against that breeds standard. A standard is a set of guidelines for a particular breed, mapping out each part of the body and describing it in detail. We think showing your cat strengthens the bond between owner and cat. There is a lot of work that goes into showing a cat. More work= more time spent with kitty. First the cat must be in perfect health and condition. This means feeding the highest quality in food and supplements to ensure the cat is of good weight, has good muscle mass, and a healthy shiny coat. They require daily brushing and regular bathing to keep their coat in proper condition. Our whole family enjoys traveling with the cats to show off all of our hard work!

Wonderfold Marigold Blossom

2020 TICA's Great Lakes Region

Best Scottish Fold Kitten

2020 TICA's Great Lakes Region 19th Best Kitten


DGCA Wonderfold Joyful Tidings

2019 TICA's Great Lakes Region

Best Scottish Straight Alter

Nicky 3_edited.jpg
nicky 4.jpg
Nicky 2_edited.jpg

RW CH Wonderfold A Girls Bestfriend

2019 TICA's Great Lake Region Best Scottish Straight

2018 TICA's Best Scottish Straight Kitten

2018 Great Lakes Region 11th Best Kitten

2018 Great Lakes Region Best Scottish Straight Kitten

Best Kitten in Show-Arlington Ht's Great Lakes Friends of Felines  March 16-18 2018


RW DGC Anixtar Ecstacy of Wonderfold

2017 Great Lakes Region Scottish Fold Longhair Kitten of the Year.

2017 Great Lakes Region 21st Kitten of the Year

RW GRC Rumin Grace Kelly Mio Mio

2017 Great Lakes Region 23rd Longhaired Cat

Household Pet Class

SGM Thomas

Supreme Grand Master 

3rd Best in Show HHP 09-2016 Racine WI

2018 TICA Great Lakes 11th Best HHP

2019 TICA Great Lakes 20th Best HHP

CH Royal Choice Ke-ho of Wonderfold

2017 Best Chocolate And White Smoke Scottish Straight of the Year

Longhair Cat Club of Victoria Special Award

Wonderfold Cattery - Muskegon, MI