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Scottish Breeders

Finding Scottish Breeders That Take Their Cats' Health Seriously

If you are thinking about purchasing a pedigree cat, you may have thought about seeking help from one of the Scottish Breeders in your area. Wonderfold is a family-run business in Muskegon, Michigan that breeds both Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight cats. They have pedigree cats onsite that have been or still are show cats. When a litter is expected, they update their website to alert the public of the chance to purchase kittens in the near future. Since Scottish breeds are known to have some health issues, they allow their cats to be tested to help breed the healthiest cats. If you are thinking about showing cats or wish to obtain a Scottish cat as a pet, reach out to Wonderfold to speak to someone about the necessary paperwork to start the process. Pictures are available on their site to show you the cats that these Scottish Breeders have available to choose from.

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