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Scottish Fold
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Scottish Cat

Getting A Scottish Cat To Bring To Cat Shows

If you have thought about starting the procedures required to show cats, you will need to decide which breed you wish to obtain. A Scottish cat is one that has distinct features that many people find extremely attractive.  They are known for their large round eyes and cute as a button faces. These cute cats can have straight ears or folded ears, hence the Scottish Straight and Scottish Fold names. Wonderfold is a cattery located in Muskegon, Michigan. This family-run business keeps cats on the premises to use for breeding purposes. Most of these cats are former or present show cats themselves. If you are interested in showing a Scottish Cat, researching the breed and going to cat shows and finding a reputable breeder is a must.  Contact Wonderfold to find out when kittens are expected to be born or check out their website to look for alerts. 

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